Beata Korabiowska artist and poet
Beata Art and Poetry
Beata Art and Poetry
Beata Korabiowska
Polish Poet & Artist
Poetry, Art & Photography.

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Beata Art and Poetry
Beata Korabiowska artist and poet
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Beata Korabiowska

Poetry speaks directly to the soul with child like clarity, allowing the reader in his privacy to drop his guard and enjoy the delights that await. I hope that my work can both enhance and bring joy into this moment we share.

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Beata Poetry
Braking the pattern
It is not a rocket science
How to have a bit more fun
So take a chance with a new challenge
And be confident it can be done

It is about adopting others ideas to you
Even little change can make you feel better
But any change is down to you
So focus on what matters

Beata Poetry So the situation can be solved
And it doesn’t matter if it all goes rather slow
If you have a deep inner conviction that you will be alright
It will be so

There is no such thing as “I can’t”
Either you can or you won’t,
You can fuel your fire or put it down
Either you have control or you don’t.
Ice breaker 
Slow down enjoy yourself
Stop for the moment and take a break
It will do you more good than you think
Remind yourself of your passionate dreams
Beata Poetry
Let’s be happy with what we have got
Let’s have a laugh and take a joke
Step out of your comfort zone
Step out of your box
The right attitude 
You can invariably see life’s possibilities
Keep your enthusiasm high
Perfectionism is down to you
Keep refining your ideas to see them through

Things are created by the drive, your desire
The result doesn’t have to be finished project
Aim big go even higher
Till for you everything seems perfect
Beata Poetry Your weak areas you try to recognize
Work on them to get to your meaningful destination
Believe in your happiness
Make sure your talent gets appreciation

With your positive attitude
You will overcome anything
With your love you can do so much good
Sparkle through your eyes from within
Forced to go
With pay brought down to so low
I have to sign “yes” or “no”
There is no choice
I have to go

The proposed staff restructure
The new terms and conditions
Are not for benefit of mine
Are simply there to save the “big fishes”
Beata Poetry So I had to smile
With tears in my heart
And finish what work had to be done
What used to be a huge part of my life

Whining is not my style
People have to cope with far greater loss
Saying goodbye was hard
And this is at the end of the day
just a job
Too late 
How can I feel close to you
If you don’t find the time no more
You need to figure out what is more important to you
Me or the football score?
This is my vision, the vision is love,
I choose to trust and to give it,
I can be anywhere to do just that,
For you and me to recive it.

I am grateful for all that is in my life,
Tough times happen, so we work hard,
Small victory makes me feel high,
And for all the joy I am ever so glad.

Beata Poetry
The thinking is the reality,
We can all inspire each other,
One vision makes one society,
One success produces another.

So carry on inspiring yourself,
And never think of giving up,
Remember your vision-abundunce and health,
And you will see the only way is up
Red Tape

Those with assigned titles,
Titles which they assigned themselves,
Dismiss we are the same,
Whether you have or haven’t got wealth.

We all come to this world as we are,
We put the covers soon after,
Rather the covers are put on us,
But we are all our own masters.

Let’s not forget about the respect,
Lets join in together,
Helping one another feels great,
And we get back what we deserve.


Beata Poetry

Every slammed door, that cuts you off,
Every time loneliness brings out tears,
Remember, there is plenty and more,
Remember you’re loving and that you are still here.

Stand tall and strong.


I never thought it could be so easy,
To do what I want to do,
Watching your smile is so pleasing,
In all my happiness I have you.

The music we share to dance to,
Helps me when I wait for you,
I just move my body and go with the flow,
I wish you were here with me though.

I know you feel the same,
I know you miss me as well,
You know I am here for you,
And, yes it takes two.

Beata Poetry

The moments that we share,
The love that we have,
Nothing can compare,
Being in love with you takes my breath away.

You said I am so lucky to have met you,
It was our first date as well,
I am still waiting for your words to come true,
With or without you I will dance again.

If you ask me
What makes me happy
I will smile and reply
Chocolate does the trick for me

I liked my dream
The chocolate was in it
I do have other hobbies in between
But chocolate is my favourite
Beata Poetry Relaxation is good for you
Try it with a piece of chocolate or even two
I'll be more than happy to join with you
Let's feel happy, lets feel blue

I can see you want to try
My invention sounds delicious
Don't pretend, dont deny
Your chocolate thoughts, your chocolate wishes


Beata Korabiowska artist and poet Beata Korabiowska artist and poet Photography Beata Korabiowska artist and poet